Christmas Lights in Bonita Springs, FL

Are you tired of climbing up on a ladder to hang your Christmas lights? Would you like to have a corporate Christmas party? Would you like to change your Christmas theme? Let Opulent Lighting and Design provide the magic for your Christmas season. Opulent Lighting and Design is proud to be a green company providing only LED lights. Our exterior light displays include rooflines, trees, shrubs and yard ornamentation. We also provide interior décor such as Christmas trees, wreaths and garland. We will customize to match your theme. Our only limitation is your imagination. Packages begin as low as $995.
Holiday Light Installation - Opulent Lighting & Design

If you choose us, and we hope you do!, we’ll coordinate the installation of your lighting & décor which can be done all at once or in phases, but we’ll let you know that before we start. After each installation visit, we send out an inspector to insure we have installed the lighting & décor correctly and that there are no issues.

After all of your lighting & décor is up, we’ll come back and turn it all on. This is simply a matter of plugging in the timer we have installed. Unless you request something else, we will have all lights and décor installed by Thanksgiving.

We send a night time inspector out to check your Christmas lights on a regular basis between Thanksgiving and Christmas. If you see something wrong in-between, give us a call and we’ll come out and take care of it, usually within 24 hours.

Holiday Light Installation

After the Christmas season, we’ll come back and take down your holiday lighting installation, store them in our warehouse and have them ready for you again next season. We start our takedown on the first business day after the New Year and usually have all the holiday lighting installation down by January 30th, weather permitting. As with all things we do, we can accommodate special requests, so if you would like your lighting & décor up longer or down earlier just ask.