Christmas Lights in Bonita Springs, FL

We understand how important it is to set the proper mood and ambiance for your special event. Whether it is a Birthday, Anniversary, Wedding or Retirement Party, we can design and install a beautiful lighting display that will brighten up your special event. Our lighting options include uplighting, spot lighting, pinspot lighting, custom gobo monograms, Japanese paper lanterns, and other outdoor lighting features.


Lighting Events - Opulent Lighting & Design

Backdrop and ceiling drapery 

should be an important addition to your event decorations. These elements help set the entire look and feel of your event. They are great for transforming a simple location into a special event haven. Backdrop decorations can add an exciting aspect to your event and completely pull your look together. Be brave and dare to be different. Just like the scenery of a play is one of the most important aspects of a performance, backdrop decorations and ceiling drapery are extremely important for pulling your entire special event look together. Backdrop decorations can take on many looks, depending on the style and theme of your event and can be customized to create that perfect special effect.

Gobo Projection

is ideal for projecting your custom wedding, or event in lights, on a wall or dance floor. A Gobo light can create a beautiful focal point, tying in all of your events' design elements. Giolis Illuminations will help you create your one of a kind design, then generate a digital illustration, from which a high quality Gobo will be manufactured. On your wedding or event day our lighting technicians will deliver, install and position your Gobo Projector perfectly. A custom gobo is a classy and inexpensive way to add a unique and beautiful visual element to your theme.


placed on the ground facing the wall or the element of the room you would like to illuminate. Depending on the effect whether you want a focused beam of light, a diffuse spread of color, "a touch of blue" or lighting entire walls, a lighting expert will pick the appropriate light for the job. Uplighting adds warmth to a ballroom, with a wash of light in the color of your choice accenting walls, columns, and architectural features. Uplights will compliment your color scheme, and create a stunning effect by adding a whole level of design and elegance, transforming a plain room into a visual banquet.

Pinspot Lighting

carefully lighting the Wedding Cake and Centerpieces for your Wedding Day highlights these beautiful elements. Your guests will notice and appreciate all the beautiful details. These lights have very focused beams that are used to highlight tables or parts of the room. They can be used to illuminate centerpieces or the cake table. They can also be used to light up focal areas of the room where toasts or speeches might be made. Mounted in the ceiling or on stands around the room these lights add a very polished feel to the overall decor of the room.

Asian Paper Lanterns

are large round lanterns that create a unique look for any wedding or special event. Often associated with festivals, paper lanterns are common in China and Japan, and similarly, in Chinatowns, where they are often hung outside of businesses to attract attention. In Japan the traditional styles include bonbori and chōchin and there is a special style of lettering called chōchin moji used to write on them. Asian paper lanterns add a sophisticated look to weddings, corporate events and birthday parties.  They are mainly used for outdoor and tent occasions, but can be used inside to create a fun atmosphere.

Outdoor String Lights

are popular outdoor patio light strings ideal for backyards, parks, cafes and wedding tents. Although, a majority of times these bulbs are used outdoors there are occasions that they are moved indoors to create a special lighting effect. Here in Florida, many of the outdoor malls use outdoor string lights year round.

LED Floralytes

are water-proof; ideal for decorating flower arrangements, table centerpieces, water fountains and pools. LED lights come in vibrant, bright colors. The details make all of the difference and these small lights create a huge effect for your event.